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My truck starts up fine no problem while cold, but as soon as it gets warm and I try to start it again it just cracks over and over and usually takes me around 5-10 minutes to get it started again. It only does this if I’m let’s say running errands and I’m in and out, but it’d it’s site for a while then it will start back up fine

Here’s what I have changed:
cap and rotor
rebuilt TBI
fuel pump

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Check your ECT sensor. If it or the wiring are defective it will think it's -40° and will flood the engine. Which causes hard starting when warm. You can unplug it and test it with an ohmmeter. It's easiest to test when the engine is cold. Whatever the air temp is should be the resistance value. At 70° it should be 500Ω.
On a fully warmed engine it should read very low ohms.
Make sure you are testing the sensor for the ECM not the one for the gauge. Usually gauge is one green wire. Sensor for ECM would have 2 wires. Yellow and black IIRC.
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