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$7,500OBO with 22s or work out a deal without them.

Comes with spare bed I was going to cut the mint floor out of, as well as front fenders and solid back glass.

Look at my build thread for info/pics til I can make a build sheet since I forget everything I did.

7.4l 45 and 700r4 not original engine(reman) or trans
Prothane motor mounts
Edelbrock 2162 cam and lifters
Edelbrock 5862 HD valve springs
Edelbrock 3764 intake
Edelbrock 7810 timing chain/gear kit
Hedman Hedders 69850 headers with v-band clamps
Borla XR-1 stainless mufflers 3"
3" exhaust
New oil pump
New distributor
New plugs, cap, rotor, 8mm plug wires

Narrowed 5" total
Detroit TrueTrac
Stock axle shafts cut and resplined by Moser


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22x9, 22x11 KMC Novas in black/machined
265/35 front tires(Nankang)
315/30 rear tires(Yokohama Advan)

Rear suspension/frame
Custom backhalf built by me
2x3 1/4 wall frame tied into factory with plenty of gusseting
Tubular bag mounts
Bunch of round tubing
Suicide Doors parallel 4-link
Suicide Doors panhard bar
Slam RE-6 bags
New Competition Engineering drag shocks
Suburban 31gal gas tank in rear
Ballistic Fab optima battery box behind cab

Front suspension/frame
Frame was cleaned and painted with metallic gray Rust Bullet
Dominator 2600s
Summit Racing shocks
Drop spindles
Plated lower arms
Pie cut uppers
Notched for tie rods
Newish steering center link/tie rods
Hydroboost with HD master cylinder for brakes

Old big red switchbox
8 Blitzluft 1/2" valves
2 Viair 480s
12 gallon tank
1/2" line with slowdowns in front
3/8 line rear

Body stuff
Cowl hood
Bodied to doors
Sunroof doctor sunroof
Newish lights/clear corners
New 94+ Chevy grille
Billet phantom grille
E-350 Rear bumper
Stock tailgate in rough shape
Smoothed front bumper
Shaved firewall with wheel tubs
Cut inner fenders
Fenders, firewall, and bumpers sprayed with raptor liner
Bed was nicely smoothed and whatnot but it's cut to fit the new backhalf now so it's a little rough inside

New black carpet
Cavalier seats
Triple gauge pod with two dual needle AVS gauges(missing tank pressure gauge, it broke)
Power locks/windows
I have gray seat belts to go with
No headliner in yet(still have it just never cut for sunroof)

What this truck needs is mostly paint and bodywork. Fenders are a little bent from the tires, rear bedsides are a little cracked from laying out, as well as a couple dents. Fiberglass hood needs paint/bodywork as well. Paint all over is in rough shape.

The truck runs great sometimes and other times it loads up with fuel and has a hard time starting. Have a new vacuum reference fuel pressure regulator(stock is static and can't be adjusted, stays at 11psi I believe) that should help it run better with the cam, just haven't installed yet.

Everything engine related, backhalf, rear suspension, wheels/tires, and rear end have under 100 miles on them.


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I'm just gonna bump this for shits 'n giggles. I would possibly trade for an old muscle car or bagged classic, not really looking for cash at all since I don't need it.

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Why the sale? Or trade lol Bump for a sweet builder and good dude! Wish I had money, I'd be on my way to get this! Or a trade

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i seen this got bumped i was like hold on wait your trying to sell/trade it again.

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Not really just seeing what's out there for muscle cars and classic shit. I would also like a Typhoon, only s-series I would even think about trading for.

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is it on mautofied? ive been looking for the same. mainly wanting an 1st gen c-series

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sean i know of a sy for sale locally around our area. all stock with less then 45k on it

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Nah I'm not putting it on mautofied, I'm notnreally trying to get rid of it just feeling it out. Half the shit on mautofied is bs, I dont feel like dealing with douchebag offers.

Zach no way I could afford that.

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I have a truck and trailer haha

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You SOB!!! Don't you dare!! Trade for a clean 85 MCSS with a 6.2l ?? lol Let me ask you this, if you got lets say a 70 split bumper camaro....what are your plans for one of these old muscle cars?

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trade for my ramcharger ?
I had seriously thought about that last night, it's badass but I think I'd want cash on top. I haven't had luck with ramchargers in my lifetime haha.

99SSCHEVY said:
Nice truck bro.had to take a look at it.my buddy has the same truck.
Thanks man!

pearl91chevy said:
i got a ty but i just couldnt trade ya even though i love your truck and hate you for wanting to get rid of it lol
I was going to offer you a trade after you got the ty but figured you wouldn't want to do it. DO IT.

llorrac93s10 said:
You SOB!!! Don't you dare!! Trade for a clean 85 MCSS with a 6.2l ?? lol Let me ask you this, if you got lets say a 70 split bumper camaro....what are your plans for one of these old muscle cars?
No MC for me again, already had one...doesn't do anything for me haha. If I got a split bumper I'd probably do an lsx swap and bag it on some nice wide wheels.

TRPLS10 said:
i love this truck!
Feelings mutual, about your truck.:)
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