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Only work if the 4wd transmission is from a 4.3L engine originally. When I did my 94 4.3 to 350 it bolted right up.
Just had to have the V8 4wd swap mounts, headers, and special 4wd V8 swap oil pan and pickup tube. Since both were TBI there were no wiring issues. Rad has to be moved forward a bit because the V8 is 4-1/4" longer than the 4.3 was. Didn't even have to disconnect the A/C. Just laid it aside and then stuck the mount and all on the 350 once it was in.
2.8L is a 60° engine and the trans is different to fit it. In which case you'd need to locate an 89-91 4.3L S10 4wd 700R4.
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