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1988 2.8 Blazer Trying To Get Running

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Info 1988 Blazer 2.8 4x4 auto with 52k was a 1 owner. it sat about 16 yrs in a garage. was told it ran but ran outta gas and then wouldn't start? I put gas in it and a good battery it would crank and sound like if fires.
At first to keep it running i had to keep pulsing the gas pedal to keep it running,but it was running rough and it would pop through tbi. Now after a new fuel filter/fuel pump and strainer it still does the same?
I pulled #1 plug and checked spark seemed good. If i hold throttle all the way down it will start but stumble and not rev up and wants to pop if i let off from WOT at all?
Not running long enough to get a code just the 12 12 12 cycle.
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Has new fuel filter new delphi fuel pump and strainer. Fuel tank was clean no rust and i completely dried it out and new fuel added. I had fuel line off the tbi and no restriction in flow. It had weak pressure do to the fuel line between pump and sending unit having a hole in it so it was just pumping back into tank. I put in a new line and pump.
Fixed & Running! Simple as the throttle position sensor needed to be adjusted. I forgot to reset it when i cleaned and rebuilt the tbi. Crazy the way it was acting like bad timing and popping back through tbi and no start.
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