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1985 S10 on 1985 full size Blazer frame

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I used the full size Blazer frame because it was already a V8 and most all the parts Chevy pickups 1973-1987 will interchange. I had the steering gearbox reinforcement plste welded to the Blazer frame as this is a known weak spot. I took pics throughout the build if anyone would like to see them.

I already had a 1985 full size Blazer and bought a 1985 ext cab 2wd long bed 5 speed stick S10 for $600 to get the body plus it was already a manual S10 which is how I wanted to build my mini monster truck project.

The driveline is out of a 1976 K10 pickup. 350 4 bolt main, sm465 3 speed with granny gear, np205 transfer, hd dana 44 front with the 3/8" thick axle tubes w/big lockouts, 14 bolt full floater rear. All this bolted right onto the Blazer frame.

I had to shorten the S10 longbed to match the 108" wheelbase of the Blazer frame. 42" IROK's finished it off. I wanted to build a stick shift so it could go thru deep water without ruining the trans.

The 350 has the basic stuff, cam, intake and the headers are for a 1985 full size Blazer.
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cool project..... any building pictures?
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