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So I just bought a new 1984 s10 and it needs some love and I figured I would join this forum and ask some questioms but I don't plan on keeping the 2.8 For long as I plan on slapping a 350 in it, so 1 the air filter is halfway missing and I want to replace the stock one, is there any aftermarket air filters that will bolt up to the stock carb? I was looking at getting the edelbrock pro flow, that way when I swap it I will have a basically brand new air ffilter for the 350..... 2 my oil pressure gauge, gas gauge don't work, what could be causing that.... 3 what parts would you recommend to buy for upgrades that I would be able to keep from the 2.8 to the 350

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You have way more than an air filter and gauges to consider...
First - you will need an engine if you don't already have one - duh.
You will also need:
Custom 4x4 oil pan
Transmission/transfer case
Engine mounts
and miscellaneous crap.
You can be into this easily for $1500 without any trouble.
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