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I installed a HyperTech 160 degree Thermostat this past weekend. I noticed that while sitting in traffic, the engine will get up to the stock 195 degree mark. I am guessing this is because the factory fan clutch is set to engage the fan at 195 degrees? Am I correct in this and is there a way to lower that setting?

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you are correct, since the coolant flows the slowest at idle, and the radiator is at its least effective state, the motor will eventually rise back up to whatever temp the fans kick in at.

If you fan is electronically activated, you can find out how it does so and install a switch taht goes inline with it to cause it to turn on.

On my car i setup a ground to the relay, then to my switch. When I flip the switch it grounds the fuse (which the computer does at 226 degrees or so) and turns the fan on when I tell it.
It also comes on at the normal temp if im not paying attention.
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