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12v power outlet shut off

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2000 S-10 LS 4.3 v6

I’m keeping the stock head unit and speakers since I mostly listen to talk radio anyway, but I want to have the ability to talk through my phone and listen to podcasts on the radio.

My wife got me this

It connects to your phone via Bluetooth, has a microphone, and is powered through the 12v power outlet (or the cigarette lighter, but my truck has 2 extra sockets below the dash.)

Herein lies the problem- all of these sockets are always hot, they don’t shut off when the accessories turn off. So the transmitter will stay on continuously, and drain the battery, if I forget to unplug it.

Is there a way to set up these plugs to be tied to the ignition? I was thinking I could maybe splice one into the stereo power wire? I don’t know much about electrical systems- can I add some sort of relay?
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