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straight up this is my first truck (2005 silverado 1500 regular cab) and I don't know much about it. In my opinion, if I'm spending the big bucks then I want the best and for it to be perfect. I would love to fit a non slim back there but i dont know if theres enough room behind my seat. I just went outside and measured it and behind my seat to the very back of the truck, I'm working with about 10 inches space. Can you tell me what subwoofer is the best? I would love to spend the most and get the best out there. JL Audio is in my top preference right now

What im thinking now:
13.5" JL audio tw5 (slim if I cannot fit a non-slim woofer)
or the 12" JL Audio w5's (unsure if they fit. need your help)
or if you think there is a better sub i can fit, please let me know
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