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08 Ford mustang Rouche stage 3 427r

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Looking for $27k... upgrades from the m90 to a TV'S. Dyno tuned at 550rwhp. 6 piston Baer brakes.... much more... ill post pics in a mjn...
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This is a BADASS charm it's a factory 5 speed with a Barton short throw. BBKLongtubes to let the TVS exhale . Ram stage 3 clutch. Was dyno tuned by Realspeed on a Mustang Dyno on Long Island NY. Much more...

22k original miles.

Pic of Dyno sheet to come..
ok I just realized I spelled it wrong.

Jack Raush...

Roush. It's machined on 8 parts under the hood, and thats only what can be seen in the picture. I bet you get a ton of lowballers.
Thanks. I'm a retard! It's been for sale for a while. It's my bosses, I just listed it a few places for him. He's getting offers for like $17k, $19k... He paid $29.5 for it and put another couple thou into it. He's definitely not gonna get what he wants but seriously, this is the real deal. Serious power for a street car. If it was a Shelby or something similar he wouldnt have a problem getting good money for it.
Yeah im not Ford guy either. Its my bosses and it is really a bad ass car!!! Still for sale...
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