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Hello Everyone,

I have an 03 ZR2 Blazer that I store during the winter months. It has been in storage since the beginning of Nov. I needed to get something out of the truck this evening and used the key FOB to unlock the truck. No problem. Got what I needed and used the FOB to lock the truck. Normally, the horn sounds briefly as well as the parking lights/tail lights flash. This time the horn sounded continuously and would not shut off. This wasn't the factory security system activating. The headlights were not flashing etc. Just one continuous horn blast. I popped the hood and pulled the fuse for the horn.

I honestly thought the relay was stuck in the open position. Went to get a shop light and a few tools when I noticed the tail lights on. Nothing else was on except the tail lights. Swapped out the horn relay with a known good one and still the horn would not shut off. I cycled the key FOB several times minus the fuse/horn and everything worked as it should. However, the tail lights were still on. I discovered the only way to get the tail lights off was to pull the relay for the horn.

Attempted to search the forums without any luck. Does anyone know if there is a separate relay used by the wireless system??? I am at a loss and any help would be appreciated.

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