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hello to all glad be here ty guys and gals, i just got a 02 s-10 and i was wandering if its a z71 or a zr2 or its just standerd s-10 i looked up the vin and this is what it says.... i was wanderin if all the things been listed is what it had done to it also , any help thanks to all
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yea ur right , my bad , i dont see anything saying zr2 in the glove box i get pic the truck in few thanks
ok ty for the reply , i just bought the truck for my son wea are going work it it to make it alot nicer
its loaded with options i have the orginal sheet that goes in the window when it was new for this truck it shows like 63 options ...cost was like 25 grand i think
i did see a 4 door zr2 4 door or at least it says in the bed its a zr2 it does have the roof rack and bed rails on it , its in bad shape the bed eat up with rust one side and under the doors both sides i could have got it for 1500 , needed trans guy said
ya sorta going to get dual exhaust and spacer plate for throttle body and eletric fan , wheels ...
the eletric fan is for gas milage , plus u get few more hp out it i did it years ago on my 4.3 it dont give moch of eather but this day and time every little helps ya know ... this makes it 4th truck ive had and my son got hooked on them lol
oh u mean its 1000 to get dual exzust now ,,,wow !
the truck i seen sais zr2 4 door didnt look like it been modded at all i think i have pic of it i will post it
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guys dont get me werong im not saying ur wrong on the truck i, justy saying this is what i found seen, i will get better pic of it ,. now i want to know 100% myself
ya i had one befor put the eletric fan on i got the kit to control the temp it help the mlles about 5 and hp about 8
i may not get it unless i can find one cheep like i did the other fan too and ty for the comments guys i been reading on this site awhile now ..i love my s10 .,sonoma,all them like i said this makes my 4th one now got my son hooked lol
and wireing cars and trucks is something i know about i did the fire ,rescue,amb,police cars for 20 years befor i retired guys so i know know about the wireing .... and yes all that u have to do right , be careful and slow watch how and read the digram .....
i looked at that other truck today and it says zr5 i was wrong guys , and i also looked in t he glovebox for prof it didnt say anything about zr5 , so i say u guys wright like i said i was not disagreeing just didnt know ....bloated ??? sorry u dont beleave that i did that for living dude but u know what they say about people beleaving , everyone hads a opinion on something
yea it did ....its called nos lol
cmon guys , why all the blasting i did say about .... u got be smart ass all the time ????? , i liked this site till i get this from u 2 , and u know who i may just move on to another .......i been reading here awhile...been a great place for info...like i said no need be that way...ban me if want u know im right
then people need stop trying being one dude im 58 years old , i did dino the truck but that was back about 10 yearsa ago and when i do this truck i will dino it again ......i like this site itys got good info but no need in bashing guys i didnt mean anything bad . i was trying find out info on what to do and not too ................like i said was ABOUT that ...that why i read not post , but i wanted ask u guys so i did , sorry to offend anyone but i do love the chevy and gmc trucks
no i installed it in the truck and i was joking about the nos ....trying releave tension
oldslayer good lol...i dont mind it just didnt want no one to get mad im 58 but u never to old to learn
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