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hello to all glad be here ty guys and gals, i just got a 02 s-10 and i was wandering if its a z71 or a zr2 or its just standerd s-10 i looked up the vin and this is what it says.... i was wanderin if all the things been listed is what it had done to it also , any help thanks to all
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ok ty for the reply , i just bought the truck for my son we r going work it it to make it alot nicer
Have you developed a list/ plan for making it 'nicer'?
x2 on the ZR5 wheels -
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I have a set on my Sonoma.
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the truck i seen sais zr2 4 door didnt look like it been modded at all i think i have pic of it i will post it
Applying a decal on the rear quarter panel doesn't make it a ZR2 - simply a tacky imposter. The decal may have been added as 'bling' or, more deviously, to falsely pass the truck off as a ZR2 to inflate the sales price to unsuspecting buyers. The RPO code on the glove box sticker will confirm if it was or wasn't. The Regular Production Option ZR2 is a special off-road/suspension package.

You can Google 'S10 ZR2 package for a detailed list of the items in the package, and there's a section here in the forum for ZR2's (ZR2 - BlaZeR2 - Highrider).
That's a pic of a ZR5. It has the roof rack, bed rails, little flares, and ZR5 wheels. The sticker also has a "5" on it. As I mentioned above it's not an off road package with heavier rear differential and lifted suspension. Instead is a trip thru some auto parts store's accessories department. It talks the talk, but cant walk the walk.
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Good spotting - I totally missed that.
ya i had one befor put the eletric fan on i got the kit to control the temp it help the mlles about 5 and hp about 8
It must have been one heck of a fan - did it's suction aid the engine to pull the truck along on the road to get that +/- 5 MPG gain, or was that 5 Miles/ tank? I would posit that if it was a verifiable 5 MPG figure that more S10 owners and/ or GM would have readily adopted the electric fans. That's a really substantial boost over the EPA (& typical real world) mileage numbers, for any stock drivetrain setup.
yea it did ....its called nos lol
If you're referring to the electric fan, I'm not aware that GM ever produced an S series truck with one as stock, so it wouldn't be NOS.
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