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hello to all glad be here ty guys and gals, i just got a 02 s-10 and i was wandering if its a z71 or a zr2 or its just standerd s-10 i looked up the vin and this is what it says.... i was wanderin if all the things been listed is what it had done to it also , any help thanks to all
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Post a pic of your truck. Check the sticker in the glove box also. Z71 are full size trucks.
ya sorta going to get dual exhaust and spacer plate for throttle body and eletric fan , wheels ...
No 4 dr ZR2's...plan on 1k for dual exhaust, not sure why you're going to replace a good factory fan for electric, TB spacer is useless, and as for wheels...ZR5 wheels look great.
ya i had one befor put the eletric fan on i got the kit to control the temp it help the mlles about 5 and hp about 8
That sounds a bit bloated.
cmon guys , why all the blasting i did say about .... u got be smart ass all the time ????? , i liked this site till i get this from u 2 , and u know who i may just move on to another .......i been reading here awhile...been a great place for info...like i said no need be that way...ban me if want u know im right
We get guys that make claims all of the time about how much power this made, or how many mpg they got with that mod...but never anything to back it up but the butt dyno. Nothing to get upset about.

BTW...quit your swearing.
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From the Rules...this includes punctuation.

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