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Hello All
I've been watching lots of builds here and it is time to post something. Lonnie's build is one that I have been watching and his statement is correct in that there should be more posts is one that is finally getting me to post something. Well this started out as a LS3 w 6L80 and front suspension up grade. One thing leads to another and this is where I am today. LS 416 Dry Sump NA, 6L90E, DSE front frame, C6 ZO6 brakes,3 link w/ watts. Motor is set back a bit. Hoping to have a roller by spring. Mock up to verify pedals and seat then on to a lot of welding to finish. I want to do a complete build then blow it apart for paint/ powder coat/ wrap.
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I can say you are taking it to the next level... let me guess, you were originally planning to do a simple 5.3 swap, 2000 hrs. later here you are. lol...

Looks like a neat project.
For your first post, you are off to 1 **** of a start.

Please post more info about the 3 link.
I'm not overly thrilled with the handling using leaf springs & was thinking about some form of torque arm setup.
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