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Ok so I have already started on my bags (I have the back done) but I am just getting started on the engine swap.

Today I pulled the little 2.2 and 5 speed out:)

I'm waiting on my lower control arms to come in before I start working on the front bags. And my engine is being built at a local performance shop. I still need to buy the transmission ( just going with a turbo 350 for now:( I really want a t56 but have to change that later) and I need the radiator,fan,mounts,exhaust,carb, and ignition lol
So when the engine shop gets done I will have pretty much a long block plus intake and have to go from there.

Here's the specs on the motor

350 bored 30 over
stock crank turned
stock rods resized with arp bolts installed
speed pro hyperutectic flat tops 10.5:1 compression
pro topline heads 1.94 1.50 cast iron
professional products crosswind intake
comp cams 224/224 @.050 480/480 lift 108 lobe seperation

probably run a holly 750 or a speed demon
thinking about getting a msd hei dist. and wires
hedman shorty headers
don't know about mufflers yet...maybe magnaflow, probably 2 1/2"
turbo 350 with shift kit and something like a 2500 stall or so....still have to talk to the engine builder about the stall speed
factory rearend for now, I plan on buying a explorer posi though.

Guess that about sums it up, let me know what you guys think:)


1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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