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  1. Anyone on here do a 350 swap on a first gen 2.8?

    V8 Discussion
    From what I've heard, one of the easiest swaps you can do for the 2.8 is a 350. I would like to do this soon but I need to know everything I'm going to need and I cant find all that much about it. I would also like tips from people who have done this swap before. Anything will help I just need...
  2. 2000 s10 zr2 V8 swap need help

    V8 Discussion
    I bought a 2000 zr2 awhile back and I want to v8 swap it I want to do either a 5.7 vortec or a 5.3 ls i know I need engine mounts headers and oil pan but what else do I need? Where do I find everything to do the swap? and how much will it cost?
  3. 5 speed manual, 4x4 1999 4.3 Vortec to 5.3 swap

    LSx Discussion
    So I'm new to engine swaps entirely and have a few questions. I've seen questions about 4x4 and 5 speeds but not many 4x4 5 speeds. I am really wanting to drop a 5.3 lm7 in my truck. I'm curious as to what all I need to keep the 4x4 and manual transmission. If its at all possible, I'd like to...
  4. Motor mount issues

    V8 Discussion
    I have a 91 s10 that had the i4 in it I’m swapping to a 350 v8 removing them old mounts is becoming an issue how do I get to the nuts on the back of the mounts in the frame
  5. Cam questions

    V8 Discussion
    I have an 88 350 sbc. It has the roller lifters (as they all do). Do I need to run another roller cam and lifters or can I switch to an older style cam and lifters? Thanks
  6. Rear end gears

    S10 / S15
    How do I tell which gears I have in my rear end? And which gears will work best as a happy medium between acceleration and top end?
  7. 350 heads

    V8 Discussion
    I got an 88 350 tbi that I’m going back to carbureted on. I was curious if I can put my vortec heads on without any issues? Or if the is issues what are they?
  8. V8 swap

    V8 Discussion
    I’ve got the 89 4wd s-10 with the 4.3 v6. Swapping a vortec 5.7 in here in the next couple weeks. And header/manifold recommendations?