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v8 swap

  1. Efi vs carb

    V8 Discussion
    Hello people I am in the planning stages of swapping a 5.7 into my 2000 extended cab. I am under the impression that the vortec swap is the “easiest” v8 swap and that all I will need is jtr v8 swap mounts, 2.8 frame mounts, jtr headers, and a 4.3 wiring harness. I’ll be able to use all...
  2. General Advice For Small Block Swap

    S10 / S15
    Hey I'm working on my first project truck and have a 95 S10 Base 2 wd with a straight 5 in it. Im swapping a 350 Small Block in. Theres a lot on my list of things to do but Im not sure where to start. Ill list what I have so far and if anyone could give me some guidance or assistance that would...
  3. 350 vortec swap on a highschool budget?

    V8 Discussion
    well howdy again people of the s10 forums I am here again to bother you with my 350 swap questions again, ive gotten a snag of a deal I can get a 350 vortec wiring harness and all basically a whole doner truck and more for free out at my stepdads farm and basically my question is, what is all...
  4. S10 srt8 Hemi swap into my step side

    V8 Discussion
    Hey guys! Newbie here I have a 2000 2.2L stepside s10 and wanted to do an LS swap. I have just been offered a fairly new Hemi out of a srt8 with trans and everything. My question is has anyone ever done one like this or is it even possible? thanks in advance
  5. 350 heads

    V8 Discussion
    I got an 88 350 tbi that I’m going back to carbureted on. I was curious if I can put my vortec heads on without any issues? Or if the is issues what are they?
  6. 350 Swap in a 96 ZR2

    S10 / Sonoma
    I've got a 1996 S10 ZR2 with the 4.3 in it. I've been wanting to do a V8 swap for a while now and might have time and money for it this summer. Planning on doing it myself, with the help of a friend or two. But I am willing to have someone else to do it at a garage. I was wondering what engine...
  7. 5.7 vortec engine swap questions.

    V8 Discussion
    Howdy howdy. I’ve heard that swapping a 5.7 vortec into my 96 4.3 is a really easy swap (well as easy as swapping an engine gets) does anybody know what is the biggest cam I can throw into an l31 without needing a tune? I heard I can put an lt1 cam and get like 10-20 horsepower and around 20...
  8. What is needed to run a newer vortec engine with stock transmission?

    V8 Discussion
    Howdy, Ive finally decided what I want to do with my s10 and I want to lower and slap a 5.3 into it, I was hoping to build the stock transmission instead of pulling one out of a doner because this is my project truck and I am going to be adding more and more performance mods down the road. what...
  9. 2 Bolt 350..?

    S10 / S15
    Looking at picking up a 2 bolt 350 (3970014) this weekend guy wants $100 and doesn’t know condition of it. Looking to put down 450-500 hp at the tires think a 2 bolt will handle it? Or what can I do to make sure I won’t have issues with the caps.
  10. 96 k1500 parts interchangeability?

    V8 Discussion
    Howdy howdy first post on the forum. Here is my question, does anybody know the parts interchangeability from a 96 gmc k1500 to a 96 s10? i plan on doing the v8 swap but i want to use as many parts as i can off of the k1500 because I got it for free but the only catch is that the transmission is...
  11. Whats needed for a 355 swap?

    V8 Discussion
    I will be swapping a 355 Small Block in my 99 Sonoma. Estimated at 320-350 HP with a mild tune. Using a 4l60e, and I know I'm going to need a new torque converter. But what kind of power can you put through a stock rear end. I know the 7.5s aren't known for the indestrucibility but would it be...