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  1. Interior Styling
    Am asking because I wanna replace my interior with a different color and I wanted to know if the trailblazer would fit in my s10
  2. V8 Discussion
    I have a 94 S10 4x4 with a 4.3 vin W that took a dump. I have a 5.7 out of a 97 C1500 Silverado to put in with all the wires and ECM except OBD2 port. I'm trying to figure out if I'll need all the wiring or if anything already in the truck will work or any problems I may run into. I've...
  3. V8 Discussion
    93 s10 4.3 tbi auto. Swapping to 97 step side 5.7 vortec long block. "Keeping it tbi & a/c" Concerns: TBI adapter for vortec heads to carburetor intake manifold$. vs vortec heads to tbi intake manifold$$$. Will trans mount/ driveshaft need mods if using the trans dap engine mounts? Thanks...