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  1. Zr2 Adjustable Upper Control Arms?

    ZR2 - BlaZeR2 - Highrider
    Hey y’all, I’m new to the s10 forum, but I have a problem that I think somebody could help me solve. I have a 2003 S10 ZR-2, in January this year I found a discontinued 6” superlift lift kit from eBay. The lift kit came with upper control arms, but the upper control arms don’t seem to be long...
  2. Heavy metal suspension

    4wd IFS
    Anyone have any reviews about heavy metal suspension systems. Was thinking of buying their lift kit for my 91 s10. But I don't want to buy some junk lol.
  3. suspension raddle

    Articles - Chassis
    hello i have 2003 s10 crew cab 4x4. the front end has a rattle sounds like a hammer tapping on the frame when on rough surface such a RR tracks or pot hole. i have changed all ball joints, torsion bar bushings, sway bar links, and shocks, but the rattle is still there everything is tight when...
  4. Lowering worth it?

    2wd Droppin'
    Howdy, i was looking at a rough country 2" front and 2.5" rear lowering kit and I was wondering is there more benefits to lowering other than taking corners better? Has things like 0-60, mpg's, etc improved? is the drive-ability better, these things aren't aerodynamic at all, it feels like I'm...
  5. '92 Sonoma - Front End Bounces Over Bumps?

    Steering & General Suspension
    Hey guys, I have a '92 Sonoma 4x4 4.3L truck, and it bounces pretty bad anytime there is a change in the road. Example - driving down the highway at 70mph, if there is a dip in the road it'll bounce two or three times after going through the dip. I've replaced the shocks on all four...
  6. Looking for good rims/suspension set-up

    Wheels, Tires & Brakes
    I have a 2002 GMC Sonoma. I'm interested in dropping it 3-4" what rim's would look good? I'm looking for a staggered look. Also what's a good suspension set-up to drop it? (The truck is completely stock. SLS 2WD Extended cab.)