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  1. S10 / S15
    I have a 1992 S10 Tahoe. I’ve been wanting to get a c4 corvette steering wheel for the truck but not sure if it will bolt right up or not. Anyone put the C4 steering wheel on or have any insight as to wether or not it will bolt right up.
  2. S10 / Sonoma
    2002 RW Single Cab 4.3 with 88,000 miles. My steering wheel is off center. If I’m in the leftmost lane on a one way street, or even the fast lane on the highway, it seems to be straight. If I’m in the right lane, its off about 15 to 20 degrees to the left, making the steering wheel straight...
  3. Steering & General Suspension
    So i got a NRG short hub adapter and the NRG steering wheel, i got it on but it’s too short so when i go to turn my hand hits the blinker, any tips? i tried looking for a different adapter that would stick out more but i could not find one. please help
  4. Articles - Body
    I’d love to put an aftermarket steering wheel and quick release on my 2000 4.3 but i absolutely tried my best, searched everywhere trying to figure out what steering hub will fit my s10 and have fell to no conclusion. So I am here again boys bless me with thy knowledge. I went to pull a part and...
  5. S10 / S15
    been some time since I have been online but was curious if anyone knew or could suggest a fix. I have tilt steering in my 86 s10 and it is getting pretty loose. Without pressing adjustment it moved a good 3-4" upward so think that may be part of the cause of slop in steering. Aside from...
  6. S10 / Sonoma
    Started this discussion just to see some of the cool wheels you guys are using. The s10 wheel is kinda boring and would like to swap it out for something else. Would like to see some wheels from different cars but aftermarket setups would be cool too. Drop some pics off too ??
1-6 of 6 Results