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  1. Performance Suspension
    So I had camber issues after dropping my 89 s10, 5 inch front drop, used a 2" drop spindle and 3 inch springs, 6 inch drop on the rear with leaf's and blocks. Had about 1 degree of positive camber after I got it aligned with shims. I wanted to upgrade everything anyways so I didn't mind much...
  2. S10 / S15
    I want to replace my speakers with some Bose or jbl but I can’t seem to figure out the size for the two front or the two in the rear. I’ve got a 91 2 door 4x4 pickup
  3. Steering & General Suspension
    So a while ago i lowered my s10 with 3" drop springs and 2" drop spindles. Of course im having alignment issues now because you cant fit enough shims on the uppers. So i decided to redo all the controll arms, i want to go even lower because it Surprisingly doesnt sit that low, i still have about...
  4. Member Projects
    So after 350K+ miles on my 93 S-10 the old 4.3 bent a valve and is running like crap. I have a 99 blazer that was rolled a few years back that I planned on pulling the 4.3 out to slap into the pickup. I already have a new Edelbrock 2114 intake manifold and a TBI adapter plate. Also I am building...
1-4 of 4 Results