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  1. Better quality sound/ 2000 single cab

    S10 / Sonoma
    I just recently replaced my stock sound system with JBL's both in the door as 6.5's and in the dash as 4x6's. I was thinking that by doing this I would have a better sound quality and bass, which did end up happening slightly. It seems that the doors are taking most of the vibrations from the...
  2. No wiring on driver side dash speaker.

    Sound and Security
    So I’m putting aftermarket speakers in my 1999 s10 regular cab. When I took the stock speakers out I noticed the reason the driver side wasn’t working was because they’re no wires for a speaker and the speaker wasn’t even hooked up. I got my aftermarket speaker in the passenger side because it...
  3. What speakers should I get?

    Sound and Security
    I have a 1994 extended cab, I want to keep everything stock except for the speakers. I want to replace the speakers that are in it right now but I don't know anything about audio. Could someone help me out to find the right setup I want. I don't want to have to modify anything to much and I just...