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  1. Transmission & Rearend
    Hi folks, I haven't found other informations in past posts. So here's my question: I'm in search of the correct REAR Differential Pinion Seal for my 1994 S10, automatic. I previously ordered from Rockauto a Timken 8610 and a Timken 2043. The Timken 8610 fitted the front seal, but the Timken...
  2. ZR2 - BlaZeR2 - Highrider
    Hi guys I'm currently working on my 02 S10 ZR2 that needs a transfer case input shaft seal replaced and I've got a few questions that I hope someone can answer. 1.) Do the bolts for the bearing retainer need some sort of thread sealant or thread locker when reassembling? Here's a photo of the...
1-2 of 2 Results