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  1. V8 Discussion
    I've been battling an overheating issue for quite some time. Now I do understand it is 100+ degrees out right now, but I'd like to believe the engine should still be able to cool itself off. I've got a big three core aluminum radiator, with dual electric puller fans, and smaller electric pusher...
  2. New Members
    Just acquired my 95 S10 regular cab! Going sbc! Old skool! Goin with what I have in the garage! Drive fast and safe MIs Amigos! Look forward to learning all your tricks n tips! ROCK N ROLL ON MY FELLOW GEAR HEADZ! 🚗🏎🚗☮️🐾🎸😎🤙on a mission to smoke buddies Nova ! Lol!
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  4. S10 / S15
    This is a build I started for fun. 1993 Chevy S10. By no means am I an expert, but all work was completed by me except the engine build (only because of the guarantee and hp rating that came with it). It was hard to pass up for the price. I have built a few small block chevys in the past and I'm...
  5. Transmission & Rearend
    I'm putting a '78/'79 SBC in my '91 S10 (currently a 2.8/T5) with a NV3500 out of an S-truck, not sure the year, and a Chevy 12-bolt from Moser engineering and just had a few questions. If anyone knows any of these or has any specific experience it'd be greatly appreciated. What flywheel and...
  6. Transmission & Rearend
    I'm debating swapping my transmission from a th350 to th400. My current set up is a 383 stroker (530 HP) with a th350, 3500 stall speed and a 7.5 inch GM rear with 4.10s. The rear is already in the process of getting replaced with a Ford 9" but now by transmission took a **** and with talking...
  7. S10 / S15
    Hey. I need some help. I’ve used an adjustable map sensor before. It’s from turbocity but they are out of business. It’s been awhile since I’ve installed one and I need a wiring diagram. I have a wire that idk where it taps into. It works with a micro switch (3 wires) and plugs inline with...
  8. S10 / S15
    I started this build about 3 years ago and just it ended up on the back burner, behind the other s10s, k10s and airboats. But now I have time so I pulled it back out to start up on it again. It started out as a 1.9l Isuzu in-line 4 with a 5 speed. No brake booster or power steering from the...
  9. V8 Discussion
    I have an 88 350 sbc. It has the roller lifters (as they all do). Do I need to run another roller cam and lifters or can I switch to an older style cam and lifters? Thanks
  10. V8 Discussion
    I got an 88 350 tbi that I’m going back to carbureted on. I was curious if I can put my vortec heads on without any issues? Or if the is issues what are they?
1-10 of 10 Results