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  1. Interior Styling
    So I think I'm in the right place for this subject. I recently picked up an Isuzu Hombre. 4.3l 5 speed stick. The question I have is about the seats. There is a really nice bench in there. But no arm rest. Will seats from from an S10 fit in it? I have some 60/40 I can get a hold of from an 03'...
  2. 2wd
    Anyone know what the length is of stock spring shackles, bolt hole to bolt hole, on a 1997 S10? Mine is lifted, but I'm not sure just how much.
  3. 262ci Forum (4.3)
    I'm looking for a mild cam with a nice lope what all will I have to upgrade other the springs and lifters
  4. S10 / Sonoma
    I bought my 1994 s10 with a 4.3 liter v6 vin z, a couple of months ago. I did a coolant flush as the previous coolant was old and dirty. A week after flushing the coolant, it started leaking. I could never figure out where it was leaking from until a month ago. Every time I turned the s10 off...
  5. S10 / Sonoma
    So I have a 2002 CC S10 and want to do a chrome delete and I can’t find any black center grille trims to replace my chrome one does anybody know a place I could get one that fits
  6. Liftin' It
    I recently bought a 1995 S10 ZR2. I am getting the ball joints replaced but my mechanic advised me that the whole suspension up front is on its way out. I wasn't planning on doing a lift or anything yet but I've heard that ZR2 front suspension is not great so this feels like a good time to get...
  7. S10 / Sonoma
    I've looked all over and I know it's been asked before but I checked all the places recommended on the previous threads on it. I need the retainer cup (washer) for the body mount bushings on my 2003 s10 4.3l rwd. I already bought the energy suspension bushing kit and went on LMC and ordered all...
  8. S10 / S15
    I’ve had 4wd problems out of my 2003 s10 ever since I’ve had it. It only worked when it wants to and used to never go in 4 low now it does every now and then. I’ve been working on a manual conversion all morning. Got the actuator bracket remounted with the cable in it and a cable attached to it...
  9. S10 / S15
    So I got a 91 s10 with a cut 8.8. I'll be running 28.0x10.0x15 tires. My question is how wide of rim and backspace I should go with??
  10. S10 / S15
    Is it possible to swap the front seats of my 91 extended cab s10 with a bench seat
  11. S10 / Sonoma
    Are there any posts here or links to stretching a frame by two feet? Another forum I looked at said the s10 Frame is almost as thick of steel as a full size truck. And the 1997 is a partially boxed frame. So far, though, I haven't found anyone lengthening them anymore than 10".
  12. S10 / S15
    I have a 2003 s10 Zr2 and as a lot of you know it has the push button 4wd system. I bought it with the transmission needing a rebuild, and before I even got the trans put in I replaced the switch on the transfer case. When I first got it running, 4wd only worked when it wanted to but I didn’t...
  13. LSx Discussion
    Hey guys I have a 88' S10 Extended Cab Long Bed that I'm looking to do a LS swap on. Now before I get started I'm planning on rebuilding this truck from the inside out. I'm restoring the whole frame, stripping and rust treating the interior and refinishing pretty much everything. What I'm trying...
  14. S10 / S15
    Hey guys can anyone please help me? I'm almost done with my LS swap but am stuck atm trying to figure out how to wire the alternator. The 5.3 alt that I have has 3 wires in the plug. One is pink w/ blk tracer, the next is a light brown or tan, and the third is black w/ white tracer. The pink/blk...
  15. Trucks For Sale
    Restoration was started on this S-10. The truck has 37000 actual miles and I am the original owner. The body and bed are in mint condition and the frame is brand new as well as the fenders, core support, radiator, front suspension, upper and lower control arms, and steering box. The engine and...
  16. S10 / Sonoma
    Hello all, My leafs in the back of my sonoma are sagging and squeaking bad. Haven't gotten around to looking at the bushings and all yet but I'm assuming they're bad. I looked around and found on this forum a similar thread where people talked about using Silverado /other 1/2 ton leaf packs on...
  17. S10 / S15
    Anyhow I have owned countless diesels from Ford's to Rams. But I decided to switch things up and try a gas truck for the first time in 5 years I believe. So I traded my rusted out 24v for a 94 s10 Standard Cab short box SS. 2wd, MFI spider injection. All black engine. I have rebuilt the...
  18. Transmission & Rearend
    Ok I’m trying to figure out how to mount my rear end on my 5.3 s10 it’s a 2006 mustang rear end and it's near able to mount on the old mounts but if I flip them to the other side of the frame to where my shocks mount up i might compromise some of the frames strength any ideas ???
  19. S10 / Sonoma
    Bought this truck a couple months ago and I've been having some problems. When I went to get it inspected I was waiting for the guy and I started leaking fuel from the Vent Valve that apart of the EVAC system. Luckily it was outside of the mechanic so I had them "fix" it which they didn't do and...
  20. 262ci Forum (4.3)
    I have a 2003 Chevy s10 crew cab pickup and under hard throttle there is a popping noise and my rpm gauge jumps all the way up, the truck also bogs when this happens. Any help would be appreciated. Another thing is at high speeds I have had the check engine light flash, but no code shows up when...
1-20 of 164 Results