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s10 aftermarket radio
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  1. Electrical / Lighting
    Got an 85 S15. Installed a head unit and speakers several months ago and they’ve been working fine until about a week ago. Seems to be a bad ground. Speakers are weak and sometimes buzzy and headunit dims in and out with the music. I’ve checked the ground next to parking break release but I...
  2. Sound and Security
    So I just put in a new dual radio into my 2002 Blazer Xtreme, and hooked everything up..(what I thought was accordingly) but now when I turn off my truck the radio stays on for a couple minutes, and it dings like the key is still in the ignition after you take it out, also all the running lights...
  3. Sound and Security
    Hello everyone I need some help with this after market radio I'm installing into my 2001 s10 . The previous owner took out the factory harness i bought one and also a adapter for the actual aftermarket radio but I'm running into some issues when wiring it up i have 3 dark greens i know one is...
1-3 of 3 Results