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  1. ZR2 - BlaZeR2 - Highrider
    Bought this ZR2 with a "blown motor" from a neighbor for a song. Had a junkyard engine in the bed with same "W" in the 8th spot in the VIN so it should work. The guy who sold it to me saw the engine run. Drove the truck home. (Blown???) Anyways, swapped out the engines, got everything hooked...
  2. Blazer / Bravada / Jimmy / Envoy
    I have 2 1988 chevy s-10 blazers 4x4, 1 with the 2.8l manual and the other with the 4.3l automatic. The 2.8L engine is blown and I want to swap the 4.3l in but I do not know if the 4.3l engine will bolt up to and work with the manual transmission from the 2.8l. I also want the 4x4 to still work...
1-2 of 2 Results