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  1. Does the 8.6 have diffrent carriers?

    Transmission & Rearend
    I bought a spartan locker for my sonoma and tried to install and it wouldn't fit so I contacted the company they said I had a 8.6 instead of a 8.5 so I returned the spartan that was for a gm 8.5 and ordered a auburn gear max lock for a gm 8.6 for years 2000 earlier my truck is a 2000. We got the...
  2. Whining noise from rear end

    Transmission & Rearend
    I have a 2001 4.3 S-10, and a few weeks ago on a longer trip the rear end started making whining noises when under power and going over 25 mph. The noise went away when coasting. It is not related to engine RPM, just increases in pitch with speed. I took the truck to a mechanic on the road and...
  3. Necessary to shorten ford 8.8 rear end?

    Transmission & Rearend
    howdy howdy, I have a question about the legendary 8.8 swap, is it necessary to shorten? I don't have welding experience to do it myself and it would be rather expensive to pay a shop to do it where I live, probably more than the rear end is worth to do it. (crazy suckers wanted 150 bucks at the...
  4. Rear Diff Upgrade

    Articles - Driveline
    1994 GMC sonoma 4.3L Zvin SLS. I'm sick of getting stuck in mild snow and mud so now i'm looking to replace the rear end with something LSD or locking. With this size of truck, what are my options when upgrading this? I assume my only limitations are the diameter of the axle tube, the size of...
  5. Whats needed for a 355 swap?

    V8 Discussion
    I will be swapping a 355 Small Block in my 99 Sonoma. Estimated at 320-350 HP with a mild tune. Using a 4l60e, and I know I'm going to need a new torque converter. But what kind of power can you put through a stock rear end. I know the 7.5s aren't known for the indestrucibility but would it be...