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oil pressure

  1. 99 4.3

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    99 s10 noisy rough engine, losing oil pressure, truck dying I just bought a 99 Chevy s10. We bought it, and it was working great. As soon as we got onto the highway, we noticed the oil pressure drop to 0 and the truck dying. We were able to restart it, and start driving again. A few miles down...
  2. 2001 2.2 oil pressure issue

    Articles - Engine, Other
    I just changed my oil and filter. Long story short I goofed and damaged the sending unit while trying to get at the filter from above. I replaced the sending unit, checked that the oil level was correct, fired it up only to find that my oil pressure was almost 80. Please advise. My oil...
  3. no oil pressure

    S10 / Sonoma
    so I recently changed the intake manifold gasket and I changed the oil from the milky coffee to fresh oil but my oil pressure gauge doesn't move when I start the truck. It wont move at all. Could this be a gauge issue or an oil pump issue? The truck doesn't over heat anymore and seems to idle...