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  1. Updating Look and Height with Tires

    4wd IFS
    I would like to avoid getting a kit for lifting my 95 4WD 4DR. I was thinking of getting 14 inch rims to make a set of 30s look bigger, friend of mine had custom tires made 10 inches wide to fit an 8 inch rim for extra protection and I really like the less square look. I am totally new to tires...
  2. S10 ZR2 35's

    Member Projects
    Hi everybody. if you've looked at my username you can see i'm new to S10's and that's why i'm here. pretty set in what i want so please don't try and change my mind. so i wanna fit 35's on my 2000 S10 ZR2. Now i have plans for the 2.5" RC lift and a 3" body but i haven't looked much into body...
  3. Mini Monster

    Mini Monster