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manual transmission

  1. Things i should know about this gen?

    S10 / S15
    Hey all, Im new to this forum, because I just got a 93 S10. Its a manual and so im having to learn how to drive all over again so i can turn it into my daily driver. Ive been doing some clean ups and tune ups to it before school starts back up and I just wanted to know some of the things that...
  2. NV1500 (MW2) manual transmission information

    Articles - Driveline
    I have disassembled a NV1500 from a '98 Isuzu Hombre. This trans will fit behind the 2.2L I4. I have learned a lot from it and what little I could find from online searching. I also have pictures of the disassembly and internals. If anyone wants to know, feel free to ask and I will answer as...