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  1. 4l80e and blazer center console floor shiftet. HELP!

    S10 / Sonoma
    so I have my awd turbo 5.3 (4l80e bw4472 t-case) and have recently installed a center console from a blazer. Im trying to get the "throw" correct so I dont have to go aftermarket. I want to keep the clean oem look if possible, ive seen threads asking the same but like usual nobody posted the...
  2. LS Swap Engine mounts.

    LSx Discussion
    I doing my first LS swap in to an 88 S15. I picked up a set a set of Trans Dapt motor mounts /w pads. Realized that I needed the engine to sit lower in bay so I followed the instructions to cut off part of the mount. Now my mounts no longer actually fit with out lowering the mount pads lower in...
  3. 83 s-10 ls swap

    LSx Discussion
    Ok I got the motor mounts and headers recommended thru summit and muscle rods and first the header on passengerside doesn’t sit right. They said I needed the mounts they sell $504.12 mounts and trans mount. I got the Headman 45-240 headers. It’s a 5.3 liter and it had a 383 stroker in it and we...
  4. What is needed to run a newer vortec engine with stock transmission?

    V8 Discussion
    Howdy, Ive finally decided what I want to do with my s10 and I want to lower and slap a 5.3 into it, I was hoping to build the stock transmission instead of pulling one out of a doner because this is my project truck and I am going to be adding more and more performance mods down the road. what...