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  1. S10 / Sonoma
    recently bought a bone stock chevy s10 4.3L V6. Iḿ not planning on going crazy with mods just yet with all the rust i still need to fix but was wondering what is a good lowering kit that's semi- easy to put on?
  2. 2wd Droppin'
    I have a 2001 blazer 2dr that I just finished rebuilding the control arms, replacing the idler arm, tie rods, and center link and put on belltech 2 inch lowering spindles as well as the wheel hubs and it didn’t lower it down anymore. I already had 3 inch springs I put back in it and it sits...
  3. Performance Suspension
    So I had camber issues after dropping my 89 s10, 5 inch front drop, used a 2" drop spindle and 3 inch springs, 6 inch drop on the rear with leaf's and blocks. Had about 1 degree of positive camber after I got it aligned with shims. I wanted to upgrade everything anyways so I didn't mind much...
  4. S10 / S15
    So this is the look I’m going for on my 2001 s10 , I found some similar wheels I’m planning to do a 3/4 drop with 20x8.5 front 20x9.5 will they fit good with out rubbing? All while still getting similar look ???
  5. Steering & General Suspension
    My 97 s10 is sitting at a little rake. I have already dropped the truck with a flip kit. But I was wondering if the drop shackles will give me an inch to make the bed even with the cab stance??
1-5 of 5 Results