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  1. Melting wires coming from the light control switch

    Electrical / Lighting
    Hi all, first time poster and I really need some insight about an electrical issue I am having with my 87 chevy s10. A few months back my dash lights started cutting out. Over time it started happening more frequently until they just stopped working. About a week later I turned on my lights and...
  2. Electrical issues

    S10 / S15
    I've been having a big electrical problem with my 1st gen s10. Whenever i turn the parking lights, and it only does it with the parking lights, the radio i installed turns off. I've narrowed it down i believe to the running lights circuit, but I'm not sure if theres a short, or if the turn...
  3. Running Lights questions

    Electrical / Lighting
    So when I start my truck all of my lights well be off but once I pull the parking brake it will turn on all of my exterior lights but I don't want it to is there anyway to stop the headlights from automatically coming on
  4. Driver High Beam Out

    Electrical / Lighting
    Hi everyone, New to the forum and just picked up my 3rd s10. 2.2/2WD/SCSB. I’ve searched the forums but I’m stuck. Issue: Driver high beam not working Troubleshooting so far: Confirmed bulb works in other socket. All other lights work, and bulb illuminates when the low beams are on. When the...