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  1. Lifted s10 on 31s, V8 question

    V8 Discussion
    I currently have a 91 s10, 4.3 tbi 4x4. I recently installed the 2.5” rough country lift kit and put new 31s on it. If I were to put a 350 v8 into my truck, do you guys think the added lift and tires will cause a decent loss in HP? I want to be able to race it with some buddies on a “legal...
  2. Lifting my 02 S10 for the first time, whats the best affordable lift kit?

    Liftin' It
    I am about to lift my 2002 S10 truck for the first time and was curious what others thought was the best lift kit. I know that there are not that many lift kits out there for the S10 but I want to make the right decision. I am going to lift it 6'', I also drive an extended cab.
  3. Lift kit

    S10 / S15
    I have a 02 s10 lifted but rides like ****. I’m looking for a 3” lift that rides like a dream any options?
  4. Spare tire lift For Sale $20

    Just pulled this off today