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  1. 4wd IFS
    I have a 2003 chevy s10 zr2 with the rough country lift kit on it. It has rough country upper control arms but I can't seem to find what bushings these use. Has anyone ever replaced theirs if so what bushings did you use? I prefer Moog but I'm not picky.
  2. 4wd IFS
    Hi, I got a 2002 zr2 s10. I was wondering about a lift kit I know the zr2s are higher than a regular s10 from the factory but I was wondering how big of a lift kit would I need to make any difference in the height? I would like to put 33s on it and only cut a little of the fender flares, I got...
  3. S10 / Sonoma
    I just picked up some brackets off of Ebay, they are just freshly painted, and waiting to go on my truck. Im using a 4x4 4 door blazer rear sway bar. My questions is, will i have any issues with the rough country 2'5" lift kit?
  4. New Members
    does anyone have experience with the same lift kit?. Before the lift I had no vibrations, after installing lift took it out for a test drive hit the highway above 60 vibrations coming from the rear of the truck. I put my brand new tires on, shimmed the rear pinion angle 4°⬇️ to match the output...
  5. Blazer / Jimmy / Bravada
    Just put in a shackle lift in the rear of my 2002 blazer 4x4. Tackling the torsion keys tomorrow, and I was wondering what is the easiest/fastest way to remove torsion keys? PS I live in wisconsin so everything is rusty. Thanks.
  6. Liftin' It
    (2002 Blazer LS 4x4 4 door) Just ordered the $65.00 torsion key/leaf spring shackle lift online. Looking for pictures of s10s/blazers with this lift, and I am wondering if I can get away with using the stock shocks for a little bit until I have money for extended shocks. Also looking for any...
  7. S10 / Sonoma
    I just had a 2-inch body lift installed and when I took the truck out to drive it the darn thing started overheating. Before the lift was installed there were zero problems with temp, but now it cants keep cool. Has anyone else had this problem? And if so what should my next course of action be?
  8. 2wd
    I just bought a 2 inch body lift and a 2 inch suspension lift for my 2000 2.2l and want to know if I'm going to need to extend the brake lines? If so how much longer would I need to go?
  9. S10 / Sonoma
    Looking for as much information as I can get with this new journey of mine. The 98' Hombre is nice and aside from a few spots that need bondo, she sure is a gem. What I need help with is probably simple for some but as a "do it yourself mechanic" I know little about transmissions and lift kits...
  10. 2wd
    Anyone know what the length is of stock spring shackles, bolt hole to bolt hole, on a 1997 S10? Mine is lifted, but I'm not sure just how much.
  11. S10 / S15
    I'm thinking about building an overlander off this 84 S10 I grew up driving on the Ranch. She's retired now and collecting hornet nests behind the barn. I don't know anything about the drive train other then it's 4x4 and an automatic with the V6 2.8l I think So I'm looking for any info on...
  12. S10 / S15
    I'm going to purchase a 1992 gmc sonoma 4x4 4.3l and a 5 speed and I'm planning on building a hunting truck that just looks ridiculously ******* I'm talking homemade flatbed and snorkel dual stacks coming out of bed but first things first I'm trying to figure out the small stuff only thing...
  13. 4wd IFS
    I installed a 2.5 in RC lift kit and I am experiencing positive camber on the front right side of the truck. Can somebody enlighten me on how what causes positive camber? I’ve read that it’s a common issue among lifted 4x4s. The left side (drivers side) is perfectly fine though so I’m just...
  14. 2wd
    I finished the Rear lift. Did the shackles and had to order new mount plates and U bolts for the shocks to get then on since the stud was so rotted out she snapped. Now how do I go about my front lift? I have new spindles, brake lines and front shocks. What needs to come out to get the spindles in?
  15. Liftin' It General
    I had a 2.5inch RC lift kit put on my 03 s-10 4x4 by a mechanic and the truck starts to vibrate around 70MPH. Had the ujoints and drive shaft looked at by the mechanic and he said they were fine now he’s checking the wheels hubs and replaced both CV axels. Got the truck back, the vibration is...
  16. S10 / S15
    I had a 2.5inch RC lift kit put on my 03 s-10 4x4 by a mechanic and the truck starts to vibrate around 70MPH. Had the ujoints and drive shaft looked at by the mechanic and he said they were fine now he’s checking the wheels hubs and replaced a CV joint. Says the viral ration is still there but...
  17. Trucks For Sale
    4.3 auto 4x4 extended cab ice cold ac hot heat power windows and locks remote start 6 inch super lift newer Ion aluminum rims older custom paint custom ZR2 headliner 96k miles Normal Chevy rust. Stopped driving it due to back injury a few years ago, couldn’t get in and out of it. $1500
  18. S10 / S15
    Hi everybody, I recently put some 31x10.5x15 tires on my 83 4x4 s10. They drive fine on the road, but more aggressive offroading causes a lot of rubbing. Does anyone have any recommendations for a good lift kit? I don't want anything crazy, 2-2.5 inches at most...from what I've been seeing I...
  19. Member Projects
    Hello community, Just wanted to provide an update on my 2000 S10 ZR2 project. So the 33's are on with the help of a 2" body lift. The wheels rub still when turning so its a good thing a bought a 2" suspension lift. When i first got this truck around a year ago it wasn't running and have since...
  20. Liftin' It
    I am about to lift my 2002 S10 truck for the first time and was curious what others thought was the best lift kit. I know that there are not that many lift kits out there for the S10 but I want to make the right decision. I am going to lift it 6'', I also drive an extended cab.
1-20 of 24 Results