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  1. ZR2 w/33's and 4.56 gears Project update

    Member Projects
    Hello community, Just wanted to provide an update on my 2000 S10 ZR2 project. So the 33's are on with the help of a 2" body lift. The wheels rub still when turning so its a good thing a bought a 2" suspension lift. When i first got this truck around a year ago it wasn't running and have since...
  2. Lifting my 02 S10 for the first time, whats the best affordable lift kit?

    Liftin' It
    I am about to lift my 2002 S10 truck for the first time and was curious what others thought was the best lift kit. I know that there are not that many lift kits out there for the S10 but I want to make the right decision. I am going to lift it 6'', I also drive an extended cab.
  3. Heavy metal suspension

    4wd IFS
    Anyone have any reviews about heavy metal suspension systems. Was thinking of buying their lift kit for my 91 s10. But I don't want to buy some junk lol.
  4. New to this site just bought a 91 Sonoma

    S10 / S15
    Heck yeah thank you guys just bought my first truck 91 Sonoma want to make either a nice off-road truck or a sleeper can't decide yet. She needs alot of cosmetic work, paint job, interior, new tail gate and bumpers. Mechanically it sounds great for 211k on it. It's a 4 cylinder 5 speed. I'm new...
  5. 5" crown suspension - shock help

    S10 / S15
    hello I have a 1999 S10 pickup 2wd. I recently just picked up a 5" lift that comes with 3" front lift spindles w/ brake lines, 2" front lift coil springs, and 2"-5" rear adjustable lift shackles but I don't think they come with the shocks. Does anyone know what shocks I should use? thank you
  6. Lift kit

    S10 / S15
    I have a 02 s10 lifted but rides like ****. I’m looking for a 3” lift that rides like a dream any options?