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  1. Interior Styling
    I have a 1998 single cab. (This is for driver side door only) Door opens fine from the outside, but won't open using the interior door handle. I replaced the interior door handle assembly thing, and had the same problem. That's when I discovered that the rod that connects to the door handle was...
  2. Electrical / Lighting
    Interior lights work with all controls except the door switches. Any hints on removing them, especially driver's side. Blazer has been stored for several years and I'm guessing they are some corroded. Switches do work for the security system etc. Everything checks out except right at the...
  3. Interior Styling
    Anyone know where you can buy 2nd gen bench seats that are a direct bolt in? Thanks!
  4. S10 / S15
    After having someone crash into the 89', I decided to buy an 88', the dash is awful, does anyone have a dashboard that's in good shape for sale? Have all the bezels and gauges, as well as the glove box, just need the dash, or if anyone knows of a good way to fix it that looks original, its...
  5. S10 / Sonoma
    Hey there, this is my first post. I'll try to keep my desperation to a minimum but it's hard to contain. I recently acquired a 1997 Sonoma SLS, I bought it because when I was in high-school my grandfather had given me the exact same truck down to the year and colour. I was drowned in...
  6. Interior Styling
    I have a 1988 s10 sport that has the high back bucket seats as the title implies. The problem with most seat covers I find is that they're made to have a headrest that's covered separately. This makes the seat covers too short. If anyone has found anything that works let me know. Thanks
  7. S10 / S15
    I’ve got an 85 with the bench seat and I’m missing the nuts that go on the bottom and hold the seat down. Does anyone know what size nuts those are?
  8. Interior Styling
    So, I am new to the interior game. Frame, engines and suspensions, I am fairly good at. Now I want to try my hand at building my own seats. I will begin with good frames and then shape my back and bottom padding, stitch covers, etc. Does anyone have any experience in this? If not direct...
  9. Wanted, to Buy
    I'm looking for a long bed, red interior S10 for a project I've got in mind. If anybody has anything for sale (Ideally '91 or '92 but beggars can't be choosers lol), I'd love to talk. I'm in VA but willing to travel.
  10. S10 / S15
    I'm looking for a long bed, red interior S10 for a project I've got in mind. If anybody has anything for sale I'd love to talk.
  11. Interior Styling
    Am asking because I wanna replace my interior with a different color and I wanted to know if the trailblazer would fit in my s10
  12. Interior How-To
    Anyone know where to get a new dash pad or dashboard? Mine isn't bad but it's getting there. I'm pretty anal about the condition of the interior of my truck. I am also one of these it has to be right under the hood people. I take NOTHING to chance. So anyone had any luck on getting new...
  13. S10 / Sonoma
    Is anyone know where we can get replacement dash pads or new dashes for these trucks? Mine is probably a solid seven out of a ten but I'm a pretty picky guy when it comes to the interior I want everything to be in good shape I really take care of my vehicles. That said has anyone put a little...
  14. Xtreme / ZQ8
    My black xtreme came with tan suede seats and there alittle beat. I want to put a black leather interior in the blazer Can I get some suggestions on seats? Would be nice to change the back seats to leather too. Thanks for reading
  15. Wanted, to Buy
    My '96 S10 Sportside pickup's driver's door slide-lock mechanism (plastic) that allows locking and unlocking of the door from the inside is broken and I'm looking for a replacement. Not even sure what to call it but it shows red when unlocked and grey when locked. The black actuator (plastic) on...
  16. Interior Styling
    what are some options either direct fit or some mild mod seat swaps that anyone has done????
  17. S10 / S15
    I'm looking for a nice flat bench seat that reclines all the way back so I can sleep in the truck on long trips. I'm wondering if any 80's Cadillac seats will fit in there or if there just too wide.
  18. Electrical / Lighting
    So my lights would not turn off changed both door switches and they still stay on any thoughts
  19. S10 / Sonoma
    Started this discussion just to see some of the cool wheels you guys are using. The s10 wheel is kinda boring and would like to swap it out for something else. Would like to see some wheels from different cars but aftermarket setups would be cool too. Drop some pics off too ??
  20. Interior Styling
    Hey y’all just bought a 98 Sonoma SLE 4x4, and the driver seat is worn to ****. The foam is breaking down and is uncomfortable. Anyone know where I can get OEM or aftermarket replacement foam for the driver seat bottom? The cover is still decent, it’s the foam that’s giving up the ghost.
1-20 of 20 Results