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  1. eBay Auctions
    Hi all, I am selling an intake/throttle body for the 60* V6 engines, modified according to the suggested performance enhancements noted on this site. The core of the throttle body is from a 4.3L engine, but the throttle linakge has been swapped to be compatible with the stock 2.8L setup...
  2. 2.5L - 1st gen 4-banging
    Replacing my head gasket. Tore block down and cleaned everything. Reassembling now and can't find my photos of either the intake or exhaust manifold prior to me tearing it apart. Having difficulty remembering where all the studs go. Any photos of a first gen 2.5 iron duke engine bay that show...
  3. LSx Discussion
    I have a '99 with a 5.7 LS1. The intake is home made, and the way I had to run it, it comes within an inch of the radiator. Would I get any benefits out if wrapping the intake in gold tape or header wrap? I've been getting mixed signals online.
  4. 262ci Forum (4.3)
    Hello all I am new to this forum. I have a 2001 Chevy S 10 4.3 V6 that just recently started giving me problems coming back home from a 400 mile road trip. After fueling up for the second time I noticed sputtering while on the highway and I basically had to keep my foot to the floor to stay at...
  5. S10 / S15
    Ok, so I bought a 93 s10 with a 4.3. While messing around changing plug wires and checking some other stuff I managed to bump the coolant line that goes to the back of the intake beside the distributor. Any good ideas on how to get this out and after/if I get it out, can I just plug it off? I...
1-5 of 5 Results