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  1. 4l80e and blazer center console floor shiftet. HELP!

    S10 / Sonoma
    so I have my awd turbo 5.3 (4l80e bw4472 t-case) and have recently installed a center console from a blazer. Im trying to get the "throw" correct so I dont have to go aftermarket. I want to keep the clean oem look if possible, ive seen threads asking the same but like usual nobody posted the...
  2. Hole above starter, and giant coolant leak.

    S10 / S15
    I was going down the highway going well, way to fast, and then out of nowhere i saw a cloud of smoke behind me and my engine temp shot up. Pulled over and put water in the radiator, and it just pours out onto the ground. Got the car on jacks and found where the giant hole is. There's like an...
  3. S-10 1996 balancer bolt replacement

    262ci Forum (4.3)
    Hi I was wondering if anyone knows the thread size for the bolt that holds the harmonic balancer? I'm trying to get a replacement as the one I took out got stripped. Thanks!
  4. A/C making bad grinding noise

    Heating and Air Conditioning
    Hello my s10 peoples. I am new to the s10 world and forums I just got a 2000 s10 4.3 auto. I’ve searched a helluva lot on a couple different s10 forums and I haven’t found anything on this topic so here I shall ask lol. My air conditioning only works on 3 and 4 and when on Either one it makes a...
  5. General Advice For Small Block Swap

    S10 / S15
    Hey I'm working on my first project truck and have a 95 S10 Base 2 wd with a straight 5 in it. Im swapping a 350 Small Block in. Theres a lot on my list of things to do but Im not sure where to start. Ill list what I have so far and if anyone could give me some guidance or assistance that would...
  6. New AC selector switch installed, now I'm having a really odd issue.

    Heating and Air Conditioning
    A couple weeks ago, my AC mode selector switch (used to select MAX A/C, NORM A/C, HTR, etc.) grenaded itself behind the dash and made my AC unusable on a hot afternoon after work. So after a bit of frustration, I get the switch and all of its components removed from inside the dash. With the...
  7. I need help and I am a girl so be gentle!! 89 Chevy s10 fixed exhaust leak and now my tachometer is running backwards??

    Electrical / Lighting
    Okay so last night I fixed an exhaust leak on the s10 and now it is running rough, the idle seems to be a little jacked up and when you try to drive it is seems to die. I have recently fixed the timing issue or so I thought and had put a band-aid on the exhaust leak which odviously didn't work...
  8. S10 wiring and ECU need help

    Member Projects
    I have an S10 in the backyard I have big plans for, but right now its junk. I want to get it running before anything,and I'm quite familiar with the construction. But I'm clueless with the wiring and Google Isn't any help. I specifically need directions for the engine wiring and fuse box. Under...
  9. Cam

    262ci Forum (4.3)
    So I want a cam that’s going to increase hp and torque that’s reliable and I don’t have to do any machining or valve train work to. Any suggestions on cam options or what specs I can get away with? I have a 2000 zr2 4.3
  10. No Start After Ignition Lock Replaced

    Electrical / Lighting
    Just picked up a 2001 S15 (4.3/auto/2wd) that'd been sandwiched front and back in a wreck, but only cosmetic damage. I drilled out the ignition lock and replaced it with an AutoZone Dorman one, so that's new. I hooked up my battery charger to goose the battery and see if it'd crank. Everything...
  11. 91 S10 - Can’t find the correct offset wheels I need?

    Wheels, Tires & Brakes
    I am lifting my truck 2.5inches and am looking to upgrade my rims and tires to 31 inches tire and 15-16 inch rims. I looked at the offset recommended and it says 50mm stock. Is that correct? I can’t seem to find any pro comps or steel rims with this information. My rims now poke out 1 inch in...
  12. Grinding noise

    S10 / Sonoma
    So I made a post asking about what to do to my 96 step side, 5 speed, 4-cylinder S10. So, when we are driving there is a grinding noise coming from the transmission. The odd thing is that when it does it, it cuts power out. So the lights on the exterior and interior dim out when it makes this...
  13. Help on 1995 gmc Sonoma sls 2.2 4 banger extended cab

    2.2L - 2nd gen 4-banging
    I just replaced my radiator and my sensor but my temp gauge still won’t come on. But the main thing is, if I go over 55-60 it says service engine soon anyone else have this happen before?
  14. zr2 fender flares on a stock 2wd fender

    S10 / Sonoma
    hello I have a 1999 s10 4.3 2wd and I am thinking about getting under zr2 fender flares. How hard are those to install onto the stock s10 fenders or will I need the zr2 fenders? thank you
  15. Help needed on 1995 Gmc

    2.2L - 2nd gen 4-banging
    I’ve got a 1995 GMC Sonoma sls with 2.2L 4 banger. I just replaced my clutch, flywheel, throw out bearing, and clutch fork release. 1st and second are perfect. But if I get to about 25mph it startes shaking. Faster I go worse it gets. Anything helps.
  16. Automatic Transmission starts in 3rd

    Transmission & Rearend
    Hello I have a 1999 s10 pickup with the 4.3L engine and 4L60E transmission. The truck won’t drive in “D” so I need to shift through the gears. I looked it up and to change the shift solenoids in the tranny. I just did that but is still having the same problem. Can you help me out? Maybe the...
  17. Tire/lift issues

    ZR2 - BlaZeR2 - Highrider
    Ok, so I’ve be scouring this page for information but figured maybe I could start a thread for some answers to help me out. I have a stock ZR2 2005, I got myself a set of BFG KM3s, 32x11.5 with a set of AR wheels, 15x8 with a 3.75 backspace. Obviously by the picture you can see they do not fit...
  18. Driveshaft discontinued

    Articles - Driveline
    I sheared my driveshaft in my 94 5spd manual doing a clutch drop the other day and apparently no one makes the driveshaft for that truck anymore. I would love some ideas on how to fix it bc I just dont know what to do, the part # is 26039018, so if anyone has a spare one lying around, would love...
  19. 99 s10 won’t accelerate in OD or 3rd any tips???

    2.2L - 2nd gen 4-banging
    first off this is my very first forum visit and account. Usually google has lead me right, not this time. 99 s10 2.2l 260k this morning ran fine came to a stop sign and upon acceleration got some sputter, powered through that. Work was 3 mins away. When i parked at worked sounded like my ac...
  20. wiring help

    S10 / S15
    i have a 1987 std cab short bed s10 with non tilt wheel, i'm completely rewiring a truck that had been on fire and doing a 5.3 LS swap, i'm hoping someone has or could point me in the direction of a pin out for the ignition switch that's on top of the steering column all i need is which pin...