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  1. S10 / S15
    got a 2002 s10 putting a 5.3/th350/Holley terminator kit in. I deleted the stock engine harness and ecu (pulled the engine harness plug out of the fuse block) but now i dont have any lights (headlight/blinker/running light/highbeam/dome light) besides one bilker being on constantly no matter...
  2. Wanted, to Buy
    Hi all. I’m looking to put an aftermarket ECU in my ‘88 2.8l Blazer. To do this cleanly, I need the ECU engine harness connector. if someone has the connector, or an old broken 1228062 (or equivalent) ECU for cheap, I’d like to buy one for parts. Thank you!
  3. Wanted, to Buy
    Looking for a 4.3L auto trans 4x4 engine harness for my 01 ZR2. Grey/silver pcm. Hopefully somewhere in Colorado, or reasonably shipped. U pull and pay price is $30, non u pull and pay price is $80, looking in this price range. Needs to be complete, including all transmission and t-case connectors.
1-3 of 3 Results