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  1. S10 / S15
    Just became the second owner of a mint 96 4x4 Jimmy with 46k miles belonged to a couple that kept it garaged most of the time, Car came with everything two keys, a wallet key, owners manual and even the window sticker! now the plan is to build her into an overland rig, so my first question is...
  2. S10 / Sonoma
    So I just got me a 1995 GMC Sonoma 4.3L V6, I wanna get some headers for it and I tried going to summit racing but they said no headers will fit it, I'm brand new to the car/truck scene, (sorry if this is a dumb question but) where would I get some that fit?
  3. Syclone / Typhoon / Sonoma GT
    Was driving through our little town and saw an interesting first Gen Sonoma at the local repair shop. It was a Sonoma SST... I've never heard of an SST, I didn't get a pic of it as I was driving. I'm hoping I'll see it again so I can post a pic. It had full body molding and arches, roll pan and...
  4. 262ci Forum (4.3)
    I could be wrong here but I was wondering if I'm able to manifold swap from my spider fuel injection to maybe a fuel rail type from a newer model 4.3L. I've got a 97' GMC Jimmy 2dr and I would just love to squeeze some more power and fuel economy out of it.
  5. Exhaust
    While in the process of replacing a broken exhaust manifold, we encountered this pipe that we cannot identify but think we are going to have to replace too, as it seems the old manifold's bolts are too rusted. It is connected to the manifold tubes and runs farther back into the truck. Anyone...
  6. 262ci Forum (4.3)
    I am currently building an engine in my shop for my 93 s-10 4.3l v6 262 cu in "Z" vin pickup. I pulled the motor i plan to use out of a 2001 gmc jimmy, and the marine heads [with port and polish] and roller rocker valves and more aggresive camshaft from a 01 blazer. With these parts i plan to...
  7. 2.2L - 2nd gen 4-banging
    Hi guys I'm always reading other people's post for info on my 2.2l s10. Anyway so I have a 2001 gmc Sonoma 2.2l. I did the timing chain because it broke, since I was already into it, I did the gears, and oil pan gasket, and the thrust plate on the cam as well as replacing the cam cover on the...
1-7 of 31 Results