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  1. 00 4.3 (fuel?) cuts out on acceleration when cold.

    262ci Forum (4.3)
    Have a 2000 S-10 4 wheel drive auto with the 4.3 that is having acceleration problems when cold. 110,000 miles. What I mean by acceleration problems, is that when it is cold and until it fully warms up it will occasionally stumble and generally be very doggy especially going up a hill or putting...
  2. How to remove water from Fuel tank?

    S10 / Sonoma
    Hey guys I was wondering if there was a way to siphon out gas/water from the tank? Just bought a 99’ s10 and the guy said it sat for an Year so that makes me believe there’s water in the tank. The fuel gauge isn’t working properly so that’s also making me think that. I don’t want the engine to...
  3. Engine bogs down at highway speeds (60-70 mph), run fine other wise.

    262ci Forum (4.3)
    2000 S-10 Zr2 4.3 V6. Engine bogs down at highway speeds (60-70 mph) usually when getting on the on ramp. Engine act like it goes into a safe mode, where there is no power (like misfire) then after a few seconds it corrected and then runs OK but at a higher RPM. Other than that truck runs fine...
  4. 93 Chevy S10 more fuel problems

    S10 / S15
    93 S10 cranks but doesnt start. The fuel pump runs but the engine isnt getting gas. I took the fuel pump out, replaced a bad strainer, and siphoned all the bad gas and trash at the botton of the fuel tank. I put new gas and now it still wont start. What should i do?
  5. 2002 S10 Fuel Cell??

    Member Projects
    I have a 2002 Extended Cab Xtreme (see "PatsBlueXtreme" in the Showcase) and I just put a hidden hitch on it behind the roll pan and license plate. That meant I had to take out the spare tire and the tire lift as the hitch will not allow the tire to fit in the spot anymore. I am thinking of...
  6. 96 S10 4.3 missing occasionally

    S10 / Sonoma
    When I'm on the gas lightly it wants to sputter/chug like it's getting to much fuel and missing have code for multiple random misfire also misfire cylinder one code have replaced MAF, MAP, PCV, Cannisters purge valve, new cap, rotor, acdelco iridium plugs, belden wires, throttle response is slow...