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  1. Articles - Chassis
    So, I decided to make this just to get people's opinions. I love this S10 that I bought as a project, but now I'm really confronting its main problem, the frame. it's in a state where besides the rotten frame it would be a good drivable vehicle, but after going in with a hammer on it, I don't...
  2. Articles - Chassis
    Hey everyone! First post on here. Was just going to see if anyone has any solutions for the frame cracks similar to the one in the thread that I have included a link to? I want to do a brace like the one pictured in that thread on my '03 Zr2 pickup, but I haven't found any dementions or...
  3. Articles - Chassis
    anyone have frame blueprints for 1988 -89 Tahoe ext cab 4x4 and reg cab longbed 2x4?
1-3 of 3 Results