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  1. exhaust manifold/downpipe flange bolts

    i need to know a part number for these. its the two flange spring bolts snapped off where the down pipe connects.. i need a part number or a link to buy them online.
  2. Can't find headers.

    S10 / S15
    Anyone know what exhaust headers will fot the first gen 4.3l and just bolt right in? Not sure if they make one's that will fit to where the stock exhaust is.
  3. Engine bogs down at highway speeds (60-70 mph), run fine other wise.

    262ci Forum (4.3)
    2000 S-10 Zr2 4.3 V6. Engine bogs down at highway speeds (60-70 mph) usually when getting on the on ramp. Engine act like it goes into a safe mode, where there is no power (like misfire) then after a few seconds it corrected and then runs OK but at a higher RPM. Other than that truck runs fine...
  4. I need help and I am a girl so be gentle!! 89 Chevy s10 fixed exhaust leak and now my tachometer is running backwards??

    Electrical / Lighting
    Okay so last night I fixed an exhaust leak on the s10 and now it is running rough, the idle seems to be a little jacked up and when you try to drive it is seems to die. I have recently fixed the timing issue or so I thought and had put a band-aid on the exhaust leak which odviously didn't work...
  5. Need help picking a Y pipe and cat

    I'm a little confused on what Y pipe with cat I need for my S10 I've got a 2001 S10 with a 4.3L, manual trans., RWD, regular cab and a long bed. I see a few different ones but I'm not sure if the long bed matters or not. I'm not looking for anything fancy, just something that fits. Can someone...