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  1. Electrical / Lighting
    As the title suggests I replaced the head gaskets in my two-wheel drive, 4.3 L 97 s10. After reassembling the engine I turned the key to the accessory mode, at this point, I could hear the fuel pump kick on and all of the dash lights were illuminated, I noticed that there was a lower than normal...
  2. S10 / Sonoma
    I feel dumb since I just pulled everything to swap out head gaskets and intake gaskets, but I can't find it in any Google searches nor can I find it under the hood. The truck sat for a while before I was able to put it back together, so my memory fails me. I know it's probably obvious what it...
  3. Electrical / Lighting
    Hey guys, just joined. I don't actually have an S10 but my buddy does and I was helping him last weekend replacing his valve cover gaskets. We got all of that done, cleaned it up and reassembled everything. He went to start it and we got no power to the gauges/engine. We thought there was no...
  4. S10 / S15
    I have a 1993 s10 tahoe with the 4.3 motor 52000 miles. Recently my digital dash has been going crazy only the speedometer tho everything else is working and when the speedometer flashes on it seems to work as well but the issue is I'd switches rapidly between mph, kph, and totally off. I sent...
  5. Electrical / Lighting
    Replaced the battery in my truck and the Temp and Fuel Gauges went limp. Any suggestions?
  6. Electrical / Lighting
    I have a strange one. So I have a 1995 Chevrolet S10 with an electrical issue, one morning I went to start it, note It was working perfectly fine the day before. I put the key in and put it in the on position, I hear a loud click and then everything goes silent. I open the door and I hear...
  7. S10 / S15
    Hey y'all! One of the fuel injector connectors on top of my carburetor is burnt and I think that may be causing problems with my very rough idle, terrible fuel economy, and hard start. Has anyone had any experience with something like this in the past and/or any tips to test/replace them...
  8. Electrical / Lighting
    what are the headlight connectors on the 94' to '96 blazer called? they appear to be H4 however the plugs are not square.
  9. Electrical / Lighting
    My 1997 2.2 5 speed s10 isn’t getting any electrical power at all and I was wondering what I have to do to diagnose what’s wrong with it
  10. Electrical / Lighting
    So I recently purchased a 2001 S10 Xtreme. Currently getting it mechanically sound before I behind to tinker with it. So here a quick rundown. When I got it. Had codes p0300 and one for TCC pwm. Figured it was the solenoids. So I took the liberty of replacing all four. Code cleared. Didn't come...
  11. Articles - Body
    My 1994 Bravada doesn't always pop the rear glass open when I push the button on the remote or the dashboard. The solenoid does actuate but doesn't seem to be pulling hard enough the release the glass. I greased everything up, adjusted slack out of the cable out of the solenoid and cleaned up...
  12. Electrical / Lighting
    82 s10 2.8l v6 2wd, for some reason my taillights aren't wanting to work. If I have the light switch pushed all the way in and to turned all the way to the left the brake and blinker lights will work but if it gets turned right or pulled out they won't work. I've sat and stared at the wiring...
  13. Electrical / Lighting
    My combination switch has gone out and I seem to not be able to find out that will work on my truck because it talks about zn4 and extended build and i cant for the life of me find out what they mean
  14. Electrical / Lighting
    1999 S10 single cab 4.3 V6, 2WD 300,000 miles Rear driver side taillight works, but won't flash for turn signal or hazards. Was rapid blinking in the dash (and front driver side turn signal). Tried putting in a new relay and the rapid flashing stopped but the taillight still does not flash for...
  15. S10 / S15
    I have a 1998 Chevy S10 in pretty good shape. Today after driving around doing errands, I parked my truck and then remembered I needed to pick up one other thing. I head back to the truck but My door locks don't work, the starter doesn't work, no system lights on the dash - dead! What happened?
  16. Electrical / Lighting
    I have an 85 s10 I just bought and it has some interesting electrical nuances. The low beams don't work. The high beams and turn signals work until you put it in gear, and the radio turns on and off while driving. The radio is aftermarket so I assume that is just bad connections in the wiring...
  17. S10 / Sonoma
    I just bought a 98 s10 from a guy who said it ran, and I fixed a few broken wires on the plug BY the ecm. I can’t get the key to a tire the starter, but I can do it manually by jumping the solenoid. The fuel pump does not come on, and the only thing on the gauges now is service engine soon, with...
  18. Sound and Security
    I have a 1999 s10 extended cab and was replacing the rear speakers and on the yt video that i watched the guy said the wires were brown and yellow and the yellow was the ground but when i took it apart i found only 1 blue and 1 green wires. anyone know which one is ground?
  19. Electrical / Lighting
    I have a 99 Chevy LS S10 My taillights and reverse lights illuminated wen I press my brake peddle . I’ve replaced my multi switch and headlight switch wat could be causing this ?
  20. Electrical / Lighting
    Hi all, first time poster and I really need some insight about an electrical issue I am having with my 87 chevy s10. A few months back my dash lights started cutting out. Over time it started happening more frequently until they just stopped working. About a week later I turned on my lights and...
1-20 of 29 Results