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  1. Electrical / Lighting
    Okay, hi good folks! Regarding my chevrolet s10 2.2 2002, the taillights are not working, netiher left or right (brakes, headlight and indicators works). Let me get straight to the already done diagnostics, fuse 10,34 if I remember correctly is good ( so is every fuse as i tested them all). No...
  2. Electrical / Lighting
    Hey I have a 83 s10 and it was sitting for quite a while cuz I took the battery out for a different project. Accidentally put it on backwards and a little blast of smoke as soon as I did from around the ac pump came out and now I have no power. Id like to get it fixed as soon as possible cuz I...
  3. S10 / Sonoma
    My 1994 GMC Sonoma is having a bit of a weird issue. My interior dome light does not work when I open the doors. However it will illuminate when I have the doors closed and the headlights on. I also have no dash lights. What could be causing this?
  4. Trucks For Sale
    1995 GMC Sonoma SLS, 2WD, extended cab, completely rust-free, battery/electric powered, located in Illinois, for sale: 1995 GMC Sonoma SLS Coupe | eBay
1-4 of 4 Results