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  1. V8 Discussion
    What would cause my ignition timing to go from 40 when on the gas to -10 when left off? having some weird issues while freeway driving and trying to track down causes. Engine came out of a 97' tahoe 5.7L vortec. thanks!
  2. 262ci Forum (4.3)
    I've got a 1992 4.3 Vin Z that threw a rod on me. I'm looking at getting a Vin B out of a 91 Astro to put into the truck. I know there's not many parts available in the way of performance for our beloved V6, but out of curiosity how hard does everyone thing it would be to set it up with a Holley...
  3. V8 Discussion
    Hello people I am in the planning stages of swapping a 5.7 into my 2000 extended cab. I am under the impression that the vortec swap is the “easiest” v8 swap and that all I will need is jtr v8 swap mounts, 2.8 frame mounts, jtr headers, and a 4.3 wiring harness. I’ll be able to use all...
1-3 of 3 Results