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  1. LSx Discussion
    I've been in the market for a 5.3L ls for awhile. A post came up on FB market place for a 5.3 out of a 2003 suburban with the wiring harness and an unlocked ECU for $850. motor was running when pulled at 173K. is this priced right? Calling junkyards seems like a upull around here is $350 for...
  2. V8 Discussion
    I have a 98 s10 single cab with a 2.2 5spd. Clean truck and going to swap a 5.3 with a nv3500 and Ford 8.8 I have general information what I’ll need to do. I know the big things want but curious on the small stuff. Like the drive shaft, custom? And then steering shaft, heard about the Jeep one...
  3. Wanted, to Buy
    Hi all. I’m looking to put an aftermarket ECU in my ‘88 2.8l Blazer. To do this cleanly, I need the ECU engine harness connector. if someone has the connector, or an old broken 1228062 (or equivalent) ECU for cheap, I’d like to buy one for parts. Thank you!
1-3 of 3 Results