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  1. Articles - Driveline
    Hi, the c-clip went out on my rear axle which cracked my differential and sent my axle and tire into a nearby field. I decided now would be a perfect time for a rear end swap and pulled one out of a 2002 sonoma 4x4 crew cab (my truck is a 2001 s10 xtreme extended cab 4.3lt). The new rear axle is...
  2. Xtreme / ZQ8
    It is almost like the rear end has a bounce to it on take of since the new style driveshaft was installed. Has anyone experienced this?
  3. Articles - Driveline
    I sheared my driveshaft in my 94 5spd manual doing a clutch drop the other day and apparently no one makes the driveshaft for that truck anymore. I would love some ideas on how to fix it bc I just dont know what to do, the part # is 26039018, so if anyone has a spare one lying around, would love...
1-3 of 3 Results